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Saturday, August 20, 2011

My letter to the US President Obama 19 August 2011

Dear Mr. President,
10,000,000 went to Tahrir Square to defend their freedom from an “Egyptian” after all.
How many do you think will march to Sinai to defend their country against their number one enemy throughout history? – Not a question.
I “Know” that you have a say in this. Please interfere before it is too late, diplomatically of course.
Egyptians marched “PEACEFULLY” on January 25th 2011, but by God we know how to defend our land – It’s a choice that is already in effect since the beginning of time. Suez Crisis and The War of Attrition is a great example.
Whatever agreement there is with our Security Council of Armed Forces means nothing, for the soldiers are from the people and with them (the men who really fight and die in wars).

Israel is in breach of the Camp David Treaty – Fact.
Israel has to seriously kiss our butts this time for the sake of “Peace”. We are saying – Selmeya Selmeya (Peaceful Peaceful) in front of the embassy... for now.
Housewives, mothers, little girls are swearing they will fight for the country, what do you think the capable youth would do? – Not a question.
With our numbers, all we have to do is March… we can camp in Sinai. Good God we can camp in Israel if it needs be.
Disturbance in Egypt especially vs. Israel is not good for the region now, or ever for that matter.

Here is something funny but true, copied from an activist.
“Egyptian men wear cool boxers but in fights they strip naked and fight with pride”

I finish with my favorite quote.
“One man defending his land is better than 10 hired soldiers”.

Gihan Babiker